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Learn to Gruve

Getting Started

Thank your for getting the Gruve SolutionTM and taking the first steps to better health! 

The Gruve Solution contains an extremely accurate NEAT activity monitor, the Gruve®; a subscription to an easy to use interactive website and online coaching, Gruve OnlineTM; a 12 week step by step guide, Gruve Jumpstart GuideTM; and other valuable health information resources, available on this site on the Links page.

The Gruve ships with a micro USB cable and quick start guide.  The Gruve Online software can be downloaded for with the easy set-up wizard to your computer on the first page of www.gruve.com.  In addition, you can also download the 12 week Gruve Jumpstart Guide from Gruve Online at www.gruve.com on the Learn to Gruve page after signing in, or you can email us at response@gruvetechnologies.com to have the Gruve Jumpstart Guide sent to you by email. 

The Gruve Jumpstart Guide provides a comprehensive, easy to follow, step by step guide for the first 12 weeks of the Gruve Solution.

So let's start Gruving to green!

Week 1 - Your Assessment Week

The first week of the program is an assessment period. During this time, you should wear your Gruve while you go about your normal routine. Try not to alter your behavior too much during this time, so that the system can get an accurate picture of your current activity levels. This will help us to more accurately tailor your program to your current behavior.


Find Your Green Goal

Your Green Goal is the number of calories you need to burn everyday, above and beyond your RMR, in order to reach your weight management objective. Your Green Goal will start out low, and will follow your momentum in the program, challenging you to become more and more active as the program continues. The system will analyze your progress each week, and if you've hit green more than 8 out of the last 14 days, your Green Goal will go up. If not, it will stay the same.


What is my RMR?

Your Resting Metabolic Rate, or RMR, is the number of calories you burn by simply being alive. This is the number of calories your body would burn if you were to lie in bed all day long.

What do the colored lights on my Gruve and in my charts mean?


Every day as you burn calories, you move through a series of colors, starting with Red, moving to Orange, through Yellow, on to Blue, and turning Green once you've reached your goal. When you push the Halo Button on the Gruve, the Halo will show you the color you're currently in. Your online charts also show you what color you reached for the day, and the time at which you transitioned between each zone.


Gruve Vibrations

Your Gruve tells you when it's time to Muve! When we sit for a certain length of time, our bodies go into a "hibernation mode". This length of time is called our Energy Conservation Point (ECP), and it's a different length of time for each person based on their health information. It typically ranges from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. Your Gruve will vibrate twice if you're sedentary for too long - once as a warning vibration telling you you're close to your ECP, and again when you have reached your ECP. In order to avoid your ECP you should walk for at least 5 minutes throughout the course of your ECP time period.

How is my "Recommended Calorie Intake" set?

Your recommended calorie intake depends on your 7 day average calorie burn, Your Daily RMR, and Your Weight Management Objective (lose weight or maintain weight). If you chose to lose weight, the recommended calorie intake is 500 calories below your 7 day average calorie burn + Your Daily RMR. This 500 calorie deficit, if achieved, will result in losing 1 lb per week. If you chose to maintain weight, the recommended calorie intake is equal to your 7 day average calorie burn + Your Daily RMR. This means you would consume the same number of calories as you burn, thus resulting in weight maintenance. Your Recommended Calorie Intake will never go below your RMR, or above your Green Goal.



Gruve Online

The Gruve Online website software is calibrated at the initial setup with a person’s health information and it determines the amount of daily NEAT activity needed to manage the caloric intake to achieve the desired weight management goal.  This plan is the Gruve Online Personalized NEAT plan that is specifically customized to each user.   Synchronizing the Gruve device with Gruve Online gives users the ability to privately view their daily calorie burn and track their weight loss progress.


Understanding the Charts

Gruve Online charts have been specially designed to facilitate your progress and help you Get to Green™ more often. By monitoring these charts, you can see which parts of your days or weeks naturally allow for more NEAT-boosting activity... and which parts of your day need a little boost from you.



Calorie Burn Charts

Our calorie burn charts provide an accurate picture of how many calories you have burned over the course of a selected time period. You can view your calorie burn rates from an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly perspective.

  • Provides a snapshot of where you are in relation to your Green Goal

  • Gives you an idea of your calorie burn rate patterns over time

  • Shows you how many times you reached your Green Goal over a selected time period

  • Offers motivation to add more NEAT activity to your life

Get to Green Color Zones

To show you how many calories you are burning and how close you are to reaching your goal, the calorie burn charts depict 5 Color Zones that can help you track your progress.


Activity Charts

The Activity charts allow you to see the rise and fall of your Activity Zones over the course of the selected time period. These charts use bar graphs that show you how much time you spend in each Activity Zone. You can view hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly charts.

  • Gives you a snapshot of your level of activity (or inactivity) over the course of a selected time period

  • Provides a true picture of the extent of your time spent in the Sedentary Zone

  • Motivates you to reduce time spent in the Sedentary Zone and get into the Gruve

Activity Zones

Activity charts depict 4 color-coded Activity Zones that can help you truly understand how much time you are spending at each activity level.

  • Sedentary Zone (RED): sleeping, resting, sitting

  • Light Zone (YELLOW): getting up, taking a slow stroll

  • Moderate Zone (BLUE): walking at your regular pace

  • Intense Zone (GREEN): walking briskly


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