What is Liposonix: Unknown Facts!

If yours is a protruding waist line and you want to cut down on the excess fat, then its time that you consult a cosmetic surgeon about liposonix treatment. There are many people who know little on what is liposonix. Liposonix is a non surgical method (sometimes called non invasive lipo) that can help you burn excess belly fat in little time. Infact non invasive lipo is one of the most popular methods of permanently dissolving belly fat without having to go to the gym or to other exercises classes.  Also it is to be remembered that liposuction and liposonix are different concepts. While liposuction aims to reduce fat in selective areas, liposonix works on the whole belly region and is therefore more effective.

Non invasive Lipo uses the concept of high intensity focused ultrasound to break fatty compound into dissolvable material. This is one of the safest procedures that helps avoid skin burns and irritation due to application of high intensity ultrasound. When subjected to treatment for over an hour, liposonix may at a go reduce 1.5 to 2 inches of fat layer. The fat is consumed by special body cells called macrophages which help transport the fat to the liver. There the fat gets metabolized. Because liposonix burns fat completely there is no chance that the treated area will accumulate fat in any time soon after the treatment. However to see visible signs a person undergoing the treatment may have to wait for about 1 -2 weeks or sometimes even three months.

Another segment under “what is liposonix” deals with the right candidate those who are fit to undergo the treatment! Liposonix treats belly fat such that they can be pinched to at least one inch. This is necessary because unless there is a minimum fat accumulation there are chances that one may get skin burns. Those candidates who have Body Index Mass less than 30 are the best suited to undergo a liposonix treatment. Those who have a greater body mass should try out liposuction.

Ideally candidates undergoing the treatment should be able to get back to their daily life work within a day or two. Liposonix more than pain, deals with a certain kind of irritation which can go away after 12 hours from the treated time. After the treatment is over it is advisable that the candidate stays under supervision for a night or two. If you want to know more about what is liposonix, then look up the internet.