The requisite knowledge on Endometrial Biopsy and Infertility

For woman seeking to conceive, endometrial biopsy and infertility are linked as endometrial biopsy is a medical procedure performed by a physician. For a woman to realize that she is not able to conceive can be upsetting. To come to the realization that she will never produce children can turn your life upside down. Before that, you need to find out the reason behind your infertility as a word of advice from your physician or taking a prescribed drug can alter the whole chemistry of woman in such a way that you will be able to get pregnant and enjoy the love of having your own children.

When you realize that despite attempt to conceive but is not able to then endometrial biopsy perform by a physician is necessary as endometrial biopsy and infertility coexist.

What is the link between Endometrial Biopsy and Infertility?

To introduce a catheter through the woman’s cervix and then into the uterus for the physician to get a sample from the lining of the uterus is known as an endometrial biopsy. That is how the physician will find out if the lining of the uterus react to progesterone, for the simple reason that endometrial biopsy and infertility exist together. On the other hand, an endometrial biopsy can be carried out to determine abnormal uterine bleeding, in which hormone imbalance can be the reason. As endometrial biopsy and infertility goes hand in hand, and if you are reckoned to be infertile, an endometrial biopsy will be carried out but it is necessary to take ibuprofen to lessen certain discomfort before the actual procedure.

Always keep in mind that an endometrial biopsy is occasionally needed to find out the reason for infertility and infertility could be overcome in some cases. If hormonal imbalance is the cause for your infertility, then endometrial biopsy is necessary as endometrial biopsy and infertility are closely related with the physician recommending progesterone to ease it. Carrying out an endometrial biopsy for infertility, the possibility of your long awaited first child is there. But you must remember that all those infertile women who take an endometrial biopsy will not necessary have children as infertility has many causes.

Even though endometrial biopsy and infertility existed together, go not pin too much hope on it. It can be a very valuable tool but it cannot solve all infertility problems. Endometrial biopsy and infertility doesn’t always work and even if nothing came of it, there is always the chance for adoption. You can provide love to the adopted child, at the same time filling the void of you having no children. The child may not be yours but you can shower unconditional love and that can make up for the heartbreak that you cannot have your own child