The Cosmetic Uses of Almond Oil

There is some sort of nature’s contribution in every successful innovation. Any leading cosmetic brand will demand your admiration and will owe their heartful of thanks or gratitude to the natural ingredients incorporated into the product. And one such natural miracle is almond oil, extracted from the dried kernels of almonds.

Almond oil is a renowned beautifier and its use in enhancing beauty dates back to the age of the ancient Romans. The presence of vitamins and vital minerals in almond oil can be attributed to its skin and hair care benefits.

The Cosmetic Uses of Almond Oil

Addresses Hair Problems : The cosmetic properties of sweet almond oil promote hair health. It smooths hair cuticles and provides nourishment to the hair. It adds longevity to hair and reduces hair loss while giving it a natural shine. It is also strengthens hair and allows it to grow long and thick.

Boosts Skin Health : Almond oil contains vitamin D apart from being a great source of vitamin E. The oil acts as a superb emollient and helps the skin to retain its moisture balance. It enhances complexion and adds a healthy, youthful glow to the skin. It cures irritation, itching, dryness and inflammation. It is also a remedy for dark circles, chapped lips, fine lines and body rashes.

Serves as a Carrier Oil in Aromatherapy : It is used in spa treatments as a carrier oil, which dilutes other essential oils. It holds other fragrances.

Acts as an Ingredient in Cosmetics : Sweet almond oil is used in facial masks and face washes and even in creams marketed as cellulite fighting applications. It can also be applied as a lip balm and as a makeup remover at the same time.

Acts as an Excellent Massage Oil : It forms an excellent massage oil due to the presence of high amounts of linoleic and oleic essential fatty acids. The viscosity of this oil helps to glide your hands smoothly over your skin.