Gruve Technologies is proud to provide the only activity monitoring products in the marketplace today that incorporate the landmark medical discovery of NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis). NEAT is all the calories one burns while doing normal (non-exercise) daily activity. Research studies over 10 years found that increasing the NEAT activities in daily life have a direct relationship to long term weight loss and weight maintenance. We believe that the NEAT concept is the new trustworthy standard for all reliable activity monitors.

Since NEAT activity is more effective for successful and sustainable weight loss than short intense exercise, its easy to get your Gruve on!


The Gruve SolutionTM is a personalized, scientifically proven program that enables an active lifestyle resulting in sustainable weight management and better health. The Gruve Solution comes with an extremely accurate N.E.A.T. monitor, a subscription to an easy to use interactive website, online coaching, a 12 week Jumpstart Guide, and other valuable health information resources.

The Gruve’s automatic computer software interface easily works on both PC and Mac operating systems available today: Microsoft Windows 7; Microsoft Windows Vista (32 or 64 bit); Microsoft Windows XP; Mac OS 10.7 (OS X Lion); OS10.6 (OS X Snow Leopard); and OS 10.5 (OS X Leopard).


The Gruve activity monitor is the only NEAT Certified monitor on the market!

Gruve® – Gruve is completely personalized to you. The ultra slim and stylish Gruve uses an omnidirectional accelerometer and proprietary software to measure NEAT activity intensity and duration. The medical quality device can record 98% of daily activity (the highest in the industry), as scientifically verified by the doubly labeled water method of measuring energy expenditure (considered by scientists all over the world as the “gold standard” in accuracy for measuring energy expenditure). You can monitor yourself real-time with Gruve’s progressive light bar, starting your day in red and progress through orange, yellow, blue and finally green when you meet your NEAT calorie burn goal for that day. Gruve will also remind you to move if you have been sitting or sedentary for too long with vibration nudges. You can view your calorie burn using our interactive online visuals and learn how to become more active. These feedback methods allow users to modify their behavior over time to do more daily NEAT activities to achieve better health, weight loss and weight maintenance. The Gruve comes with an economical subscription plan to meet all types of budgets. The Gruve syncs and charges with computers using a micro USB cable. Each Gruve comes with a micro USB cable and quick start guide.

Gruve with/ One Year Subscription

Gruve w/ Three (3) month Subscription

Gruve w/ Two Year Subscription

Gruve with Recurring Monthly Subscription


1 Year Subscription Renewal

2 Year Subscription Renewal


Micro USB Data Cable (SKU: UDC-09) – Make sure to have an extra micro USB cable on hand so you can sync your Gruve at home, in the office or on the road. You can never have too many these cables since you can also use them with your other electronic gadgets.

USB A/male to Micro USB 5 pin male Cable


White USB Wall Charger (SKU: UWC-11) – Featuring a compact design, our USB wall charger offers fast, efficient charging at home, in the office, or on the go. (Important note: This USB charger has fixed prongs for use in the US, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, and parts of Latin America.) Just connect your Gruve via a micro USB cable to the charger and plug into wall style outlet. The USB Wall Charger has a smart design with built-in charging circuitry to prevent overcharge.

Product Specifications:

Color: White
Input: AC 100V-240V 50Hz 130mA
Output: DC 5.0V +/- 5% 1000mA +/- 50mA
Works with any USA style wall outlet
Very simple and convenient to use
Smart design with built-in charging circuitry to prevent overcharge
Nice feature with LED charging indicator
Made of High Quality Durable Hard Plastic
Fast Charges!
Note: USB data cable not included


Gruve Flex Belt (SKU: GFB-09) – The Gruve Flex Belt was designed specifically to work with the unique shape of Gruve for a perfect, secure fit. Just insert the Gruve into the pocket and you can wear your Gruve no matter what the occasion. Perfect for those times when you don’t have a pocket. You can wear the Gruve Flex Belt during activities when you want to secure your Gruve to prevent loss or damage.

Light weight, stretch fabric
Easy to size – trim to length using scissors
Washing machine safe – use cold water and let air dry


Gruve Accessory Pack (SKU: GAP-09) – Save money and enjoy the convenience of having the charger, extra USB cable and the Gruve Flex Belt for your Gruve. Separately purchasing these accessories would cost more. The Gruve Accessory Pack provides you with everything you need to maximize your Gruve experience.

The Gruve Accessory Pack includes:

Gruve Flex Belt
White USB Wall Charger
One Micro USB Cable