Offer patients an effective weight loss solution—developed from medical research and backed by science

The Gruve activity monitor incorporates the findings of a $20 million 10-year research study by the Mayo Clinic on nutrition, activity and behavior related to weight management and obesity prevention.

The technology behind the monitor is centered on the revolutionary concept of Non-Exercise Activity ThermogenesisTM (NEATTM) which is all the calories you burn while doing normal (non-exercise) activity. Research found that increasing daily NEAT activity is more effective for successful and sustainable weight loss than short intense exercise programs.

The Gruve is the only activity monitor sensitive enough to capture NEAT activity (scientifically validated by the Mayo Clinic) and to record 98% of all activity as compared to pedometers that only record walking. The software is programmed with the user’s specific metabolic rate and creates personalized calorie and activity goals based on behavior and total body motion throughout the day. The personalized Gruve OnlineTM plan has automatic adaptive goal setting as a user increases NEAT activity and health progress is made. This slow and steady behavior modification makes the changes sustainable regardless of age, gender, or fitness level.

Modifies user behavior through “nudges” that includes vibration, color-changing lights, and website visuals.

Personalized goals align with existing dietary and medical treatment plans for managing health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or weight loss.

Synchronizes with Gruve website to allow users or health professionals to view daily calorie burn, identify behavior patterns, and track weight loss progress over the long-term through easy to understand interactive charts.

Health professionals have the option of becoming Gruve specialists or “Muvologists,” providing them with administrative access to their patients’ activity and goals. They can track patients’ health profiles, review progress, and offer patients personalized inspiration, guidance, coaching and support. They have the ability to set or modify goals based on individual patient needs.

Here is what current Gruve users said in a recent survey:


95% find wearing the Gruve to be a valuable experience
100% are more aware of their activity levels
98% report that their activity levels have increased
95% recommend the Gruve to friend



Get the best scientific and medical research based, activity monitor in the market for losing weight and improving health. Adding the Gruve will differentiate your practice, enhance your existing wellness program, attract new patients, and provide an additional revenue stream.

Medical affiliates have an opportunity to offer the Gruve at a special discounted price from the normal retail price of $179.95. Consider adding this powerful tool to your healthcare services to promote better health, prevent disease, and shape the food choices and dietary habits of your patients and clients.

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“I lost 28 pounds with the GRUVE in one year.”

“I highly recommend this product to anyone, regardless of your weight, diet or activity plan. It can help you lose weight or just maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s part of my everyday life now and is fun and easy to use. BTW – I have lost over 20 lbs making very simple day to day changes based on the Gruve plan.”

“I love the simple interface and ease of use.”

“I have used the Gruve for several months and I have to say that the company has made the best product I have ever had to keep me motivated to increase my activity. It is easy to use, easily hidden and very accurate. Even the least competitive person will be motivated.”

“I’ve lost 8% of my body weight (and dropped 1 pant size) since starting to use the Gruve, and that’s with no sweaty exercise and only moderate dietary changes….”

“16 pounds lighter, I can tell you that I love The Gruve! I never knew that my drive to see the little green light would be so motivating. The blue light gets me as excited as I know I am almost there for the day! … I’m down 16 pounds, and I’ve got the next 14 in sight … and does it feel great!”