India Turning to Global Fertility Hub for IVF & Surrogacy

Today assisted reproductive technology brings hope and happiness in various childless couple’s life.

Bringing cheer to numerous childless couples in the country, now the Indian fertility clinics becomes the preferred choice of several infertile couples around the world. They don’t mind the rough roads, the stench or the chaos on the streets. Infertile couples are coming to India from all over the globe in search of the joy of parenthood.

The country’s fertility clinics increasing day by day and each one are getting at least 30 patients on an average of every months these days. This is the double that of 2011 and in the next coming years it is expected to tough a 60 each.

Unknown to most of us, India is quietly turning into a global fertility hub for Surrogacy Indiaand IVF.

The rush is triggered by cheap costs and a higher success rate. The infertility treatment cost in India costs only a third of what it costs in foreign countries such as USA or UK but instead of having low cost treatment, clinics offer world class infrastructure and facilities, says experts and couples who get treated here for their infertility.

In addition, Surrogacy is not considered as a legal procedure in countries like France, Germany, Sweden and Norway. Around hundred of couples from Japan, USA and Bangladesh have sought Surrogacy and IVF at Indian Fertility Clinics in last four months.

Every day we get dozens of applications seeking surrogacy from around the world, mostly USA because of the low cost treatment. But as we take entire responsibility of the whole surrogacy process, we can’t take up more than three cases in a month, said a fertility expert at Chennai IVF clinic located in South India.

With this increasing number of infertile couples preferring India as the best option of their infertility treatment, this is a good opportunity for India to turn into an International Medical destination, feels one of the fertility experts at Eterna IVF Clinics India.

As more and more foreigners are now discovering that India has made advancements in IVF and Surrogacy, Indian fertility clinics constantly make procedure much easier and simpler for them than ever before and now India is among the leading destinations that offer cheap treatment with world class fertility treatment and higher success rate.