Ibogaine Treatments for Oxycontin Addiction

Oxycontin Addiction a Growing Problem

Oxycontin addiction in the US is very high.  The Attorney General of Rhode Island estimated that 13% of Oxycontin users in his state were addicted to the drug.  The military added 40,000 new cases of drug abuse amongst active duty personnel, many of which are due to Oxycontin.  The reason addiction rates are so high is that the drug is an extremely effective pain killer.  For those who suffer chronic pain it is seen at first as a blessing.  However once the pain is gone, they soon discover it is a curse.

This is especially true of seniors over the age of 60.  Studies show that over 18% of people over 60 are dependent on Oxycontin.

Suboxone and Oxycontin Addiction

Many drug treatment centers use Suboxone to treat Oxycontin addiction.  This can be very dangerous.  First Suboxone is very damaging to the liver; to the point the negative effects from the liver damage can be more dangerous than the original opiate addiction.  Also, if a addict has any Benzodiazepines in their system it will cause a potetially deadly reaction.  Finally it too is highly addictive so a patient is simply replacing one addiction for another.

Ibogaine Treatments for Oxycontin Addiction

Studies have shown that Ibogaine treatments are very effective at combating Oxycontin addiction.  It is considered by many to be a miracle drug and has change the lives of many. Patients experience no withdrawals and are typically ready to go home within six days.

The treatments begin with a patient arriving at the clinic.  The treatment advisor waits until the addict starts showing pre-withdrawal symptoms detoxing.  Since they are able to detox with no withdrawals this is a very powerful combination.  It allows for total healing from Oxycontin addiction. Watch this testimonial to see the power of Ibogaine over Oxycontin addiction.

Ibogaine Freedom Offers a “No Withdrawal Guarantee” for Oxycontin Addiction

Ibogaine Freedom is the only facility in the world that offers this type of guaranteed result for Oxycontin Addiction.  If an Oxycontin addict experiences any withdrawals during the treatment process they are given a full refund.  Also, if they relapse within 60 days of treatment, they will receive another treatment absolutely free.