Heartburn remedies

In this article we will look at some great heartburn remedies (mostly natural ones) that will provide you with instant heartburn relief so you can get on with more important things on your life! Read on and find out about natural heartburn remedies you can start using today.

Find out how you can become completely heartburn free in less than 3 days!

Heartburn remedies can be natural or pharmaceutical. Depending on the severity and urgency of your heartburn, you might find the latter more effective than the former in the short term. Ultimately, the goal is to rely on natural heartburn remedies alone because unlike over the counter heartburn medication, they pose no long term threat to your body. Without further ado, we shall look at some great home remedies for heartburn which have proved to be an effective method of acid reflux treatment for a great many people (myself included).

1. By far the most celebrated of all heartburn remedies is the humble apple. I have researched a lot of material concerning the subject and have found the apple to be a clear favourite. Of course, the fact that apples are tasty, nutritious, readily available and affordable need not be repeated and I am sure this has something to do with their popularity.

Apple juice also works wonders, however, in my experience at least, ‘made from concentrate’ apple juice only makes the heartburn worse. I’ve found that for heartburn relief, the juice must be 100% apple juice with no added sugar.

2. Baking Soda – Baking soda mixed with water is one of the quicker acting heartburn remedies. You can literally feel the baking soda neutralising the stomach acid. While baking soda is very effective, the taste leaves much to be desired. I would suggest trying other home remedies for heartburn before resorting to this one!

Effective Acid Reflux Treatment.

Adopting a solid diet plan is an effective method of acid reflux treatment. It works by addressing the real issue (your diet) and making vital changes so that you don’t suffer the consequences of poor eating (heartburn and acid reflux). Looking at all the heartburn remedies, a dietary overhaul is the single most effective thing you can do.

Apples and baking soda aren’t as effective at providing heartburn relief if all you do is eat poorly. You need to eliminate foods that cause the heartburn and not only that, but change the way you eat.

Heartburn relief; Proper eating.

Of all heartburn remedies, proper eating is invaluable as it can provide near permanent heartburn relief. It revolves around 2 core principles.1. You eat the right kind of food.2. You eat the correct amount of food.

The first one is pretty simple. There are certain foods that if consumed, can trigger heartburn instantly. You must get rid of these. They are not doing you any favours.

The second principle is also simple. You must eat the correct amount of food. Overeating puts unnecessary pressure on the stomach and as a result, the stomach spills its contents into the oesophagus causing heartburn. This is also the reason behind pregnancy and heartburn. The baby bump puts pressure on the stomach and the result is the same.

A knock on effect of over eating is obesity. Overweight people have the same issue as pregnant women. Their weight puts pressure on the stomach which predictably leads to heartburn.

In conclusion, heartburn remedies do not only consist of over the counter medication. While effective, it never really addresses the issue. The aforementioned heartburn remedies are food based. This means they can be incorporated into your diet and work as treatment for GERD or acid reflux. Bear in mind, over the counter medication is only temporary and harbours potential side effects. Prolonged use can potentially result in damaging consequences. Do your research! All in all, you should strive to adopt good eating habits and use these habits as your natural heartburn remedies.