Health Insurance Options

You probably know that health insurance is a must to cover illness, injury and disability. A surgery or hospital stay will cost you thousands without health insurance, so it’s important to be prepared with a good health plan. Many people don’t do their research, and end up with a basic plan that covers only the necessities. By looking further into various health insurance options, you can improve your health and well being while saving money.

So, what else can health insurance do for you? Many people don’t realize that certain “extras,” such as massage and acupuncture, are often covered by their health insurance plan. Even gym memberships can sometimes be claimed on insurance policies. You can reduce yearly expenses by buying health insurance that offers coverage of things like contact lenses and eyeglasses or chiropractic appointments. Psychiatric care or mental health counselling is expensive but necessary for many people, and there is health insurance that will take care of that expense. A lot of today’s health benefits will provide coverage for smoking cessation products like nicotine patches and gum. Cosmetic surgery isn’t covered by health insurance, although certain hair loss medications or treatments for scarring caused by acne or injury may be.

Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance is an option to shortlist your waiting times in the hospital or healthcare facility for elective surgeries. The waiting lists for non-urgent surgery can be long, and with private health insurance you can often bypass those wait times. Also, if you are in the hospital, you can take advantage of perks like private rooms and in suite televisions. You will have more freedom in choosing a physician with private health insurance.

International Insurance Coverage

International Insurance Coverage is a great addition for regular travellers – you won’t need to worry about purchasing travel insurance each time you travel, and will be covered for medications and injury anywhere in the world.

Depending on how often you will require medical attention or prescription medications is an important consideration. You will pay more, but if you are often ill or require expensive medications on a daily basis, you will save money by choosing a comprehensive health insurance package. Make sure you are aware of monthly and lifetime benefit limits for coverage.