Gruve Technologies, Inc. and Healthin12 have partnered to bring you G12Health!

Get the best scientific and medical researched based, activity and nutritional program in the market to lose weight and improve your health in only 12 weeks! Studies show that there can be an improvement in health—blood pressure, blood glucose, energy levels and more by just losing 5% – 10% of body weight.

Gruve Technologies, Inc. and Healthin12 have joined together to bring you G12Health an easy and effective total wellness program—proven to work regardless of starting fitness level. The program includes:

Sleek sophisticated monitor that captures your non-exercise daily activity with caloric intake and activity goals personalized just for you

Three forms of immediate feedback—color changing lights, vibration, and website visuals—reinforce positive behavior throughout the day

Simple to follow nutritious meal plans that help you manage calorie intake without sacrificing flavor

Practical lifestyle coaching to help you stay motivated and focused on your goals

Access to extensive web resources on nutrition and fitness education

Behavioral health resources, exercise videos, and food logging tools

No gimmicks—a science based program that is personalized for you with a lifelong focus to reaching and maintaining your health goals!

The G12Health Program is your personalized online weight loss program, providing you the information and tools to permanently improve your eating habits and lose weight.

If you’ve tried to lose weight before, you’ll find that the G12Health Program really makes a difference. The Program is based upon the principles of behavioral change, personalization, and online collaboration.

The G12 Health Program is organized around a 12 Week Schedule that Includes:

Week 1 – Your Meal Plan and Routine Week 7 – Label Reading & Grocery Shopping

Week 2 – Nutrition 101 Week 8 – Cooking at Home

Week 3 – Eating and Stress Management Week 9 – Understanding Metabolism

Week 4 – Sleep and Weight Week 10 – Inflammation and Health

Week 5 – Supplements and Exercise Week 11 – Weight Plateau

Week 6 – Eating Out Wisely Week 12 – Putting It All Together

At the end of twelve week, you are well on your way towards losing weight forever.

The Gruve activity monitor incorporates the findings of a $20 million 10-year research study by the Mayo Clinic on nutrition, activity and behavior related to weight management and obesity prevention.

The technology behind the monitor is centered on the revolutionary concept of Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis TM (NEATTM) which is all the calories you burn while doing normal (non-exercise) activity. Research found that increasing daily NEAT activity is more effective for successful and sustainable weight loss than short intense exercise programs.

The Gruve is the only activity monitor that can capture NEAT activity (scientifically validated by the Mayo Clinic NEAT labs). The imbedded software is programmed with your specific metabolic rate and records 98% of your total body motion compared to pedometers that only record walking activity.

There are three forms of feedback—color-changing lights, vibration, and website visuals—that reinforces positive behavior and encourages movement throughout the day. The monitor synchronizes with a dynamic website to allow you to view daily calorie burn and track short and long term weight loss progress.

Healthy eating and living can be difficult, but with Healthin12, you get a complete, professional and personalized weight management program to develop new health habits with nutrition and food selection, life style management and more.

It includes an easy to follow step-by-step plan and access to hundreds or nutrition, fitness and behavioral health resources and tools. The science-based program promotes lifelong lifestyle changes with individualized options that fit your needs.

In just 12 weeks you can develop smart strategies and healthy habits for the rest of your life!

The Healthin12 Program was created by noted nutritionist and founder of Healthin12 (, Susan Drake, M.S., R.D. Ms. Drake is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist holding a Certification in Weight Management through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Over the last 18 years, she has coached thousands of clients to successful weight loss, weight maintenance and wellness.

With G12Health you get the best of both. Jumpstart your journey to healthier living and order G12Health today! No gimmicks— it’s easy and it works!

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G12Health – The Gruve and Healthin12 Program

If you already own the Gruve and want to get the Healthin12 Program:

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Healthin12 Program

“I lost 28 pounds with the GRUVE in one year.”

“I highly recommend this product to anyone, regardless of your weight, diet or activity plan. It can help you lose weight or just maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s part of my everyday life now and is fun and easy to use. BTW – I have lost over 20 lbs making very simple day to day changes based on the Gruve plan.”

“I love the simple interface and ease of use.”

“I have used the Gruve for several months and I have to say that the company has made the best product I have ever had to keep me motivated to increase my activity. It is easy to use, easily hidden and very accurate. Even the least competitive person will be motivated.”

“I’ve lost 8% of my body weight (and dropped 1 pant size) since starting to use the Gruve, and that’s with no sweaty exercise and only moderate dietary changes….”

“16 pounds lighter, I can tell you that I love The Gruve! I never knew that my drive to see the little green light would be so motivating. The blue light gets me as excited as I know I am almost there for the day! … I’m down 16 pounds, and I’ve got the next 14 in sight … and does it feel great!”