ADHD Causes and Symptoms and ADHD medications and Diet for ADHD

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ADHD is a disorder that affects children and adults and is a disorder that manifests in low attention spans. It is generally characterized by extremely short attention spans, impaired judgment, concentration problems, lack of organizational skills and forgetfulness. It is caused when there is a coordination failure in the part of the brain that controls the external stimulus.

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While you should consult a doctor for treating ADHD, you can also try a few home remedies to keep this disorder in check. But remember that medical help is essential and just depending on home remedies may not be advisable. However, you can supplement your medical treatment with home remedies.

Diet for Adhd:

If you suffer from ADHD, you should keep away from refined sugar, carbohydrates and all sorts of food with artificial coloring, flavoring, preservatives or yeast. You should also avoid aerated drinks, which are choc-a-bloc with phosphates. People with ADHD are said to be more susceptible to food allergies and keeping away from the mentioned food products may lower the chances of a reaction.
Food with phosphates is also a prohibited item on your food list because phosphate in additives often leads to hyperkinesis or excessive muscle activity. This leads to hyperactivity or seizures. Thus, you must avoid foods rich in phosphates. Meat is one such item.

Natural remedies for ADHD had reportedly shown an improvement in the performance of the child with ADHD. Recent research indicates that a nutritional diet helps in addressing nutritional deficiencies or food allergies and sensitivities that may be at the core of ADHD. Natural remedies for ADHD in children begin by adopting dietary supplements, in addition to eliminating certain types of foods that may trigger off ADHD symptoms. A variety of diets have been recommended for children and teenagers with ADHD. Some of these natural remedies for ADHD help in behavioral improvement in children. As a parent you may want to speak with your doctor on implementing certain elimination diets or adopting certain nutritional supplements for the benefit of your child. ADHD natural remedies are usually holistic approaches in treating the disorder which include dietary changes in order to eliminate allergies and toxins that can help in balancing and calming hyperactivity in children with ADHD.

Foremost, it is important to take a close look at your children’s diet to see the incidence of sugar, chocolate, and other types of junk food or supermarket sweets in the diet. Research points out that sugar is intrinsically connected to behavioral changes in children with ADHD. On the other hand one of the biggest offenders in ADHD is protein deficiency and lack of B vitamins or antioxidants in the diet. A deficiency of the above constituents results in lack of mental clarity and the ability to concentrate. Medical research points out that a diet deficient in iron shortens attention span while zinc deficiency leads to defective memory.

As an alternative treatment within natural remedies for ADHD, children can do well by adopting simple changes in diet, sleep, exercise and daily routine. Certain supplements containing fish and flaxseed oil that is rich in omega-3 is useful for brain functionalities. One of the biggest benefits of natural remedies for ADHD is that it helps in addressing the imbalance in the body without the harmful side-effects that conventional medicines give out. The goal of ADHD natural remedies is to help in improving the balance and health of the child in a holistic manner – in mind and body.