3 Great Brain Hacks that will help your Brain!

Why work normally and be sluggish when you can use brain hacks to amp up your day! These great brain hacks are more less cheat codes for real life!

Scientists have proven these brain hacks do work and will of course cause no harm to your mind or body.

#1 Visualization

Remember when you went to the grocery store and forgot your list but you got everything but what you were supposed to get? These brain hacks will teach you how to remember without needing that grocery list! The brain can remember locations better then it can writing! So the way to implement one of these brain hacks is to simply look in your kitchen at the items and where they are located. That way once you are at the store you will remember the location and see the item you were supposed to get!

Think Clearer!

#2 Uberman Sleep Schedule

This brain tip is great for when you just started working and have to work late. It requires you to take instead of sleeping once a day you sleep six times instead! Although it may seem unhealthy for the human brain, it gives you just enough sleep so you can feel better when you have a early class or just have to wake up early in general. I recommend taking 30 minute power naps every 4 hours this will help the human brain stay healthy and over the span of 24 hours you will acquire at least 5 hours of sleep!

#3 Learn While You Sleep

Is it possible to learn while sleeping? Study at Harvard has proven that this study technique really does work. The participants were divided into three different groups each group studied the same memorization just at different times. Group 1 studied was tested 20 minutes after studying, group 2 tested after 12 hours. Then group 3 was tested after 24 hours of studying. The study showed that group 3, which had a chance to go to sleep after studying did the best on the test, Group 1 who had 20 minutes between studying and taking the test did the worst.

The way this works is, when you sleep your brain is able to process things you could not because of everything going on in your brain while you were awake.

As mentioned in #2 if we can combine these 2 brain hacks, would it be possible to take cramming to a whole nother level?